20-08-2012 00:00:42 CET- "0x21"
Link: http://www.brotherpain.dk/#92
As of writing this it's August 20th and I just turned 33.
Not a particularly big occation, but nonetheless a good time to write a news post that noone will read.

Current state: Hangover nearly done with, getting close to finally starting my batchelor project (if all goes well), still not through ME3:Extended Cut, and I'm sure there's something else I could talk about but I can't think of it.

18-03-2012 16:55:06 CET- "Mass Effect 3"
Link: http://www.brotherpain.dk/#90
I've been playing the hell out of Mass Effect 3, not least the multiplayer which is surprisingly good, at least as a Vanguard, and I've loved most of the game.

I was a bit amused at all the people clamoring for Bioware to make a better ending available through DLC, and I was quite annoyed that I couldn't read any forums about the game without people spoiling the ending.

Then I made it to the ending myself.

I'm not going to spoil it, but I understand the anger from everyone. Personally, I'm more disappointed. We'll see if Bioware listens to the pleas of their fanbase. I really hope they do...

01-01-2012 03:42:17 CET- "2012"
Link: http://www.brotherpain.dk/#89
So, it's officially the new year as of nearly 4 hours ago.

The plans of the year are:
1. Finish my education
2. Move to my own place
3. ???
4. Profit.

I suppose I could have something more to say, but it's late, I'm tired and extremely full, and I'll have a nice little hangover later today. So I'll just say,

Happy 2012, may this year bring more joy and less sorrow than the last. Shouldn't be too hard for me.

11-12-2011 19:59:08 CET- "Moving"
Link: http://www.brotherpain.dk/#88
If all goes well, I'll be moving out of the VKR dorm tomorrow.
I'm currently franticly packing, since I grossly underestimated how much time that would take me.

Also, The Old Republic launches the 20th, but head start begins Tuesday with staggered invites, so here's hoping I'll be playing it as soon as possible.
Since the guild I play WoW with (well, I've been on a half year hiatus from that game, but still) want to mainly play Sithies, I've started my own guild, The Incorrigible Scoundrels together with a friend of mine, and anyone mature and friendly that want to play with us.

24-06-2011 15:26:03 CET- "Computer problems fixed!"
Link: http://www.brotherpain.dk/#87
A couple of weeks ago my computer started acting weird, or more precisely, it rebooted of its own volition and wouldn,t start back up.
I opened the case and found out that the cpu fan and heatsink was so filled with dust that it literally did not turn. So I took off the heatsink, cleaned it and put it back on.
problem fixed! Well except for the fact that now the computer shut down after up to half a minute.
Getting some help from my even more computer-hardware-literate-than-me neighbor, I found out that the heatsink and fan were only attached with 2 of 4 pins, thus not cooling the cpu properly, and getting extremely hot (90+ degrees celsius) and shutting down to save the circuits.
Also that for the past three or so years, had only been attached with 3 of 4 pins explaining, partialy explaining the "memory leaks" and long load times I'd experienced in a lot of programs and especially games over the last couple of years.
The plastic pins on the old cooler (stock that came with the cpu) had become borked due to a bad design, so I went out and got a new one. Long story short (too late for that I suppose) my cpu is now running at a low 22-25 degrees and everything is running much much better.

And by writing this I'm propably jinxing it and will have massive computer problems again soon.

For now though, it's working better than it has in years...

26-03-2011 15:13:46 CET- "Deus Ex"
Link: http://www.brotherpain.dk/#86
As a huge fan of the original Deus Ex, I haven't payed much attention to Deus Ex: Human Revolution up until now, since I expected it to be Invisible War with brown cover shooting mechanics at best.
I got my first taste of gameplay with a fairly simple video, filmed on console (complete with crappy movement) and annoying voiceover pointing out blatantly obvious alternative routes as if they were the coolest thing ever, and it didn't change my stance for the better.
Just now though, I got a link to a Something Awful forum thread (of all things) that has compiled a TON of information, screenshots, and so forth, and I'm now actually looking forward to the game.

Will the game be as good as the original? Graphically there's no doubt, since Deus Ex wasn't exactly stellar looking, but as for gameplay and story? I'm not in the glass half full rather than the glass is nearly empty camp.

We'll see come August.

22-01-2011 17:38:38 CET- "Arrghh!"
Link: http://www.brotherpain.dk/#85
Yesterday we held our annual Christmas lunch. The one for 2010 to be specific, but the 21st was the earliest we could gather everybody.
Between 10 people, we drank 4 bottles of snaps and whatever wine and beer we'd brought ourselves, and ate nearly 8 kg of meat (beef, pork, and Bacon) as well as bread, fish, eggs, liver paté, and such.
To say that I'm full is an understatement, though my hangovers are finally nearly gone.
01-01-2011 17:51:51 CET- "2011"
Link: http://www.brotherpain.dk/#84
And it's a new year. Hope this one will be a good one. My hangovers aren't that bad all things considered, so I guess that could be seen as a good sign :)
28-12-2010 23:55:56 CET- "Mmm, coffee"
Link: http://www.brotherpain.dk/#83
Earlier today I broke in my new coffee grinder and made my first cup of freshly brewed, freshly ground press pot* coffee. Even though I think I got it a little thinner than what I usually like (probably best described as a thick black sludge) the taste was rich and heavenly.
For anyone used to instant coffee like I am, I can wholly recommend trying it this way. Takes a little longer, but it's so worth it.
Also, 2011 is only a few days away. Things I'm looking forward to in the new year:
  • Graduating**
  • Moving out of the tiny room I'm living in***
  • Star Wars TOR
  • ...and anything else I'm forgetting right now
Also, I'm enjoying the Steam sales. Tried Saints Row 2 again and was mortified by the horrible state of the PC port of a game that's huge fun on the consoles. I'm generally a PC player before all else, but sometimes the PC versions are just unplayable. Whether due to horribly intrusive DRM, sloppy testing, bad/directly ported controls, or whatever.

* Actually had to look the word "stempelkande" up. Other words that it can be apparantly translated to are cafetiere, French press, and coffee plunger.
** Hopefully.
*** See above.

25-12-2010 23:27:44 CET- "Another year, another Christmas"
Link: http://www.brotherpain.dk/#82
I'm home after celebrating the holiday with my family, which of course includes good eating, presents, and this year a little singing. There was a tree as well, but none of us bother to "dance" around it anymore. Aaaanyway, I'm currently trying to get the new year's eve celebration organised, so I'll just say happy holidays/merry christmas/good capitalism day/etc.

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